Google Celebrates Teachers' Day with Google Doodle


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Dancing pencils reading books is the Google Doodle of the day happily celebrating National Teacher Day, often simply called Teachers' Day. Teachers' Day is actually part of the NEA's Teacher Appreciation Week for 2016. This is not to be confused with the United Nations World Teachers Day which is October 16, 2016.

Today’s Google Doodle artist is Nate Swinehart which Google says, "Honors the invaluable civil servants all across the United States who’ve dedicated their lives to molding a thoughtful, compassionate generation of citizens. And to making sure everyone does their homework".

Ironically, Detroit school teachers are not celebrating Teachers' Day because they aren't going to school again Tuesday. They are protesting their belief that without a state bailout teachers won't be able to paid while they are on summer break.

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