Google Categorizes Top Chrome Extensions


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New Chrome users may be overwhelmed to find that the extensions gallery considers 4,810 extensions "popular," making customization an intimidating prospect.  There are 89 "featured" Chrome extensions, too, which is still a lot.  So Google's attempted to organize its Chrome Extensions gallery by introducing six categories.

These appear to be aimed at all sorts of people.  For the sake of creative types, for example, two of the categories include extensions related to Web development and blogging.  Google has to figure that getting these folks on its side might pay off if they discuss Chrome in front of larger audiences.

Then, to appeal to a wider range of individuals, there are also shopping, sports, and fun pages of Chrome extensions.

Finally, a lot of extensions that might be able to boost a person's productivity are available via the by Google link.

It's important to note that the new lists don't name every single extension that might fit into a certain category.  Also, they're not tossed together by an algorithm.  Instead, Google's taken enough of an interest in Chrome to have someone research the best extensions and single them out, which may make the browser seem a lot more approachable to the average person.