Google Calendar Will Be Integral To Google+ Events

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I have a theory as to why Google waited until today to launch Google+ Events when they could have launched it ages ago to better compete with Facebook. They wanted to get all of their other services and software in line to support the launch of Events so that it was a fully-functional application right out of the gate with all the bells and whistles you would expect. It would appear that Google did that and then some with the launch of Events.

One of the big applications that will play heavily into the success of Google+ Events is Google Calendar. It's a feature that many people already use to plan their week or even year down to the exact date for everything. That's where Google+ Events come in.

Google+ will display a calendar when creating an event so that you can be sure that it doesn't conflict with any other plans. When you or a friend has made an event, it will show up in calendar as yellow block with that friend's profile picture next to it letting you know that it's an event and not just your personal memo to party alone. It should also be noted that this new Calendar functionality will sync up with Calendar on your phone as part of Google's big push towards mobile for Google+.

Without even having to visit Google+, you can click on the event and it will display a page like so:

Google Calendar Will Be Integral To Google+ Events

As you can see, it lists all the important details of the event including date, place, time, and everybody that's invited. You can even RSVP from Calendar, but you can also visit the Google+ place proper if you want even more information. It's an elegant solution that keeps people hooked into Google+ without having to actually visit the site.

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