Google Buzz/Apps Integration Approaching

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Google Buzz should get another shot at life in a few months' time.  A new report's indicated that the service, which has so far been a flop with normal users, will finally be integrated with Google Apps and given a chance to operate in more formal environments.

Kim Hart wrote earlier this morning, "Government agencies that have adopted Google's Gmail service may start to notice their employees sharing more personal information. . . .  In a few months, Google wants to incorporate its social networking Buzz feature into enterprise versions of Gmail, The Hill has confirmed."

This may seem a little counterintuitive; since Buzz has upset regular people, tossing it at individuals who know government secrets, deal with large sums of money, and/or have an increased need to manage professional reputations is potentially unwise.

Google's learned some lessons about privacy and tweaked Buzz since its initial launch, though, increasing the odds that this rollout will go well.  Also, the enterprise environment represents another opportunity for Buzz to shine, given that the tool is suited to simplifying long, multi-participant email conversations.

It should be interesting to see how Google Apps users respond to this move as the integration plans become more definite.

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