Google Buzz Is Still Part Of The Twitter Conversation

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I'm not going to lie. I kind of wanted an excuse to try out Twitter's new embeddable timelines, but I couldn't help but notice that there still seems to be an odd amount of mentions of Google Buzz going through Twitter even today, nearly a year after its official demise.

Why are so many people tweeting about Google Buzz?

I will also use this opportunity to point out some shortcomings of Twitter's widget. There are actually a lot more tweets mentioning Google Buzz happening, but it's not displaying them all in the widget. If you select "all" on a Twitter search for "google buzz," you'll see a fair amount more. I'd like to see Twitter give you the option to include "top" tweets or "all" tweets, as it does from the search itself.

It does kind of put it into perspective just how much tweeting is going on these days. If I can easily find this many people talking about a product that has been dead for nearly a year, and isn't in the news (other than perhaps a mention in regards to Google's other privacy battles), there really must be an incredible amount of conversation (or at least textual input) happening on this social network/microblogging service.

Furthermore, this re-emphasizes a point I've made in previous articles about why Google really needs to get that Twitter firehose back if it truly wants to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible. It becomes obvious in searches for developing news stories, but this even shows that Google is lacking the current conversation about history.

Something more significant than Google Buzz would surely illustrate this even better.

But even in this case, I can clearly see that Google, despite its increased emphasis on freshness in search results of late, isn't showing me the current conversation about Google Buzz in a search for "google buzz," even with the appropriate search refinements. I'm not seeing updates like this in such a search:

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