Google Brand Measurement Tools Debut at Ad Age Digital Conference


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Google is expected to announce a host of new brand measurement tools today at the Ad Age Digital Conference in New York City. Dubbed Brand Activate Initiative, the suite will assist brand marketers with tracking what sort of impact their digital ad campaigns are having on the web. Although marketers currently have the ability to judge certain aspects using the numerous tools that are currently at their disposal, Google hopes to bring in more big names brands by giving their clients a wealth of information to base important decisions upon.

The company is working in conjunction with IAB's Making Measurement Make Sense coalition, whose goal is to help develop more efficient digital metrics for the online advertising world. After all, the faster that advertisers can keep up with consumer trends, the more effective their respective campaigns can become.

Although more tools will become available shortly, two important features will be implemented immediately. Active GRP, which is a digital counterpart to GRP (gross rating point), and Active View should, in theory, allow clients to track ad impressions in real time, giving them an opportunity to make important decisions as the situations arise. This will give users much more flexibility in terms of how they wish to approach their marketing campaigns.

Specifically, Active View will allow advertisers to see when and where their ads were encountered, and, perhaps more importantly, how long that particular ad was available on-screen. In short, this service gives clients the ability to gather and assess "viewed" impressions, allowing them to judge whether or not their current campaign is making the sort of impact they were hoping for. Combined with Active GRP, individuals can make more informed choices when attempting to tailor their ads for a specific demographic, thus putting their advertising dollars to much better use. Active View will become a permanent part of Google Display Network Reserve in the next few weeks.

Active GRP, which is calculated using a statistical model that incorporates both panel data and anonymous user data, has already been made available to DoubleClick for Advertisers, though the company hopes to incorporate these features into other products in the very near future. Even sweeter is the fact that Active GRP will be seamlessly integrated into the services that are already available to users, making it impossibly easy for current clients to utilize.

Rick Hosfield, VP of Content Planning and Distribution for General Mills, seems genuinely excited about the project. "We are very interested in Google's Brand Activate initiative to help guide our understanding of how to optimize our brand's performance in real time and across all platforms. Our interest is in identifying and using the metrics that matter most, especially those that allow for easy comparison between digital and TV. We are excited to begin the journey and learn together."

These features, of course, are just the tip of the iceberg. Google hopes to roll out more tools in the coming weeks, giving clients even more power over their campaigns by re-imagining online measurement for brand marketers and providing them with the tools to make actionable decisions as they see fit. On-deck for implementation is a brand impact survey pilot, a brand lift measurement tool, and various cross-media measurement products, all of which are designed to help advertisers make smart choices when its time to roll out their campaigns.

To hear the people behind Brand Activate Initiative discuss the project, have a look at the informative video embedded below.