Google Brand Lift Now Looks At Consideration, Favorability, Purchase Intent

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Google announced that it is expanding Brand Lift, which helps marketers measure the effectiveness of display and video campaigns using survey and search data collected from targeted audiences, to include some new stuff.

Brand Lift lets marketers use insights gained from survey data to better understand how their ads are affecting people's awareness of the brand, how well an ad is recalled, etc.

Now, Brand Lift will include measuring lift in consideration, favorability, and purchase intent for ads. The company says its survey methodology will now quickly tell advertisers who their YouTube ads resonate at different points in the customer journey.

According to Google, it will be able to tell if your ad broke through with consumers, if they're more aware of your brand after seeing your ad, if their consideration of the brand is higher after the campaign, if consumers are more favorable towards the brand after seeing the ad, and if their intent to purchase from the brand has risen.

"Today’s consumer journey has become fragmented into micro-moments that span many channels, devices and media types," says Brand Lift product manager Samir Pradhan. "As a brand trying to reach today’s consumer, it’s more important than ever that you know which moments matter most. And, because consumers are making decisions faster than ever, you need to be able to make decisions equally as fast."

"The good news is that while technology makes the consumer journey more fragmented, it also makes it easier to measure brand impact," Pradhan adds. "At Google, it’s our mission to help you measure all of the moments that matter -- from first impression to final conversion."

Google also launched a new resource for marketers to gain more insights into these so called "micro-moments".

During its the first year of Brand Lift, Google has run more than 10,000 studies on YouTube campaigns.

More on Brand Lift here.

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