Google To Lease Beverly Hills Office Space


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A California city associated with rich, beautiful, and not always brilliant people will now also act as home to some of Google's certified geniuses. The company intends to open an office in Beverly Hills as it continues to establish relationships with the entertainment industry.

Google will lease over 13,000 square feet of a city-owned building located at 331 Foothill Road, according to Marie Cunningham.  The lease will cover a period of 11 years and is supposed to net the city $6.3 million in revenue (or about $573,000 per year).

That led Mayor Barry Brucker to say in a statement, "We are absolutely thrilled that Google has chosen Beverly Hills and our Foothill Road building as the home for their entertainment division.  The location in our emerging entertainment business district is a perfect fit both for Google and for the city."

As for what Google gets out of the arrangement, employees should find it much more convenient to meet with entertainment execs and celebrities' agents as the company tries to secure more unique and/or professional content for YouTube.

Indeed, the new office will put Google in the same building as Participant Media and close to companies named Lakeshore Entertainment, Live Nation Entertainment, and - we've all heard of this one - Netflix.

The one slight catch is that some renovations are taking place, so Google won't take over the Beverly Hills office space until later this year.

It should be interesting to see what deals Google's able to strike after everyone gets settled.