Google Better Not Name The Next Version of Android "Kandy Cane"

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Google has had a good thing going with the names for their Android operating systems. They have all been named after sweets and have followed an alphabetical order starting with Cupcake and ending up with Jelly Bean as the newest version. That's why the latest easter egg from Google is so perplexing.

If you head over to Android version under About Phone in Settings on your ICS or Jelly Bean device, you'll be greeted to a screen of floating jelly beans if you tap the screen four times. Amidst the delight of floating jelly beans, there is a solitary candy cane taking up space as well. Here's the offending holiday treat from Android Community:

Google Better Not Name The Next Version of Android

Previous rumors suggested that the next version of Android would be called Key Lime Pie. I can see this happening because Key Lime Pie is delicious and it's green, just like Android. It would be a perfect fit and lead many fellow Key Lime Pie lovers to the world of Android.

Calling the next version of Android "Kandy Kane" or "Kandy Cane" would just be tacky. You never replace a "C" with a "K" unless you have good reason. Coincidentally, the only time I ever accept said letter swaps is in the case of Mortal Kombat or Kaptain K. Rool.

Being realistic, a candy cane would be easier to adapt with the Android image. I can imagine Google making a giant candy cane-colored Android statue outside of Google HQ for the holidays. If the next version of Android does launch in November or December, I couldn't really fault them for the name. I'm just going to be really grumpy that they either destroyed the awesome alphabetical order naming scheme they had going on or that they replaced the letter "C" with a "K."

At this point, only Google knows what they have planned. I highly doubt that they'll have a new version of Android ready by Christmas, so maybe they're planning something else. Whatever it is, it's going to be Christmas related. I hope it turns out to be an actual gift instead of the mean trick where you put socks inside of a box full of rocks to make it sound like something cool is in it.

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