Google Bans Dirty Words from What Do You Love


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You may be a person that loves breasts or sex or foul language, but there's a good bet you won't find any of that on Google's "What Do You Love" search engine experiment.

Thanks to a list that's making its way around the tubes. The list was created by Jamie Dubs of F.A.T. fame, and it features just about every kind of sexual-related euphemism you can imagine.

For instance, in the "B" section, "bunny fucker" is listed.

So yeah, if you want to enjoy such things, stick to a "SafeSearch off" Google Image Search. As for the list, Dubs uploaded his findings to Gist, and the list, which features 453 terms and phrases, can even be embedded. Over at the service in question -- What do you love? -- when such terms are entered, users are forwarded to the results page dedicated to kittens, perhaps the most-loved thing on the Internet.

There's also a elimination of racially-insensitive epithets and other associated terms. Google's list also includes the slang version of the n-word that ends with an "a." Some of the more surprising terms on the list include "viagra," "cyalis," which seems to be a misspelling of Cialis, which, like Viagra, is designed to treat erectile dysfunction. Oddly enough, "Cialis" is not listed as one of the banned words, and search for the correct spelling returns a WDYL page devoted to the treatment.

For those of you who are concerned, "Goatse" is banned as well; as is the word "God," at least according to the list.

Banned Words

However, a search for the term works just fine.

Does this mean Dubs' list is inaccurate? Not if he farmed these terms directly from Google's source code, something he said he did. Whatever the case, these words are only banned in the "What do you love" engine, meaning they work just fine in a normal Google search. This means if you're search for dirty sex terms, limit yourself to web and image queries. That way, you won't be forced to look at a page dedicated to cute kittens.