Google Asks Webmasters About Combining Sites In Search Console (Webmaster Tools)

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Google wants to know if webmasters would find it useful to combine different sites in Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools). The company has a survey out inquiring about the subject.

"For example, to view a combined Search Analytics report that includes different URL versions of your site (http and https) and different subdomains (mobile and international subdomains)," Google explains in the survey.

First, it asks if Search Console allowed you to group together sites to view a combined report, would you use it? Answers respondents can give include:

- No
- Yes, I'd use it to combine different URL versions of my site (i.e. https/http and www/non-www)
- Yes, I'd use it to track my subdomains (i.e. desktop/mobile sites and international subdomains)
- Yes, I'd use it to track my entire brand (i.e. all subdomains and apps)
- Other (with a form for explanation)

Respondents are asked to state their role, choosing from SEO, Webmaster, Developer, Marketer/advertiser, website owner, or other. They can also provide Google with the websites they manage. Google says it can use this information to understand different use cases for sites of different sizes.

The next section of the survey asks respondents to explain why they wouldn't need a feature that groups multiple sites together. Possible responses include:

- I only have one verified site
- I only monitor my primary/canonical site
- Other people manage the remaining sites for my company
- Other (with a form for explanation)

That's pretty much the entirety of the survey.

It would seem like the best solution for Google would be to give people the option to combine sites if it works for them. It seems likely that this will become a feature based on the company's interest in feeling out the community. That is unless there is just little to zero interest in it. Still, I would guess that most webmasters (and other roles noted) would at least like to have the option even if it's not something they immediately need.

You can take the survey yourself here (via Search Engine Land).

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