Google App Engine For PHP Is Now Available To All

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Google announced that it has peeled the "beta" label off App Engine for PHP, and is now making it available to all customers.

Here's an in-depth look from Google I/0 2013, when it was first unveiled:

"App Engine's default security policies and ability to patch underlying infrastructure automatically -- even on apps in production -- help reduce your apps’ susceptibility to vulnerabilities, like shell-injection attacks, file-inclusion attacks, or security bugs such as Heartbleed," says Google software engineer Stuart Langley."

"App Engine offers built-in autoscaling so that your apps can scale from zero to thousands of queries per second automatically. And if traffic subsides, App Engine scales down automatically so you only pay for what you use," he adds. "App Engine provides managed services, such as a NoSQL datastore, memcache, user authentication API and more, so that you can build highly-available applications, faster."

According to the company, tens of thousands of developers have already built and deployed PHP apps on App Engine with over 800 million PHP queries handled each week. Sony Music, Solar Impulse, and Minyanville Media are among those already using App Engine for PHP.

App Engine for PHP comes with a free tier if you want to check it out. You can get the SDK here.

The App Engine SLA and deprecation policy now extend to App Engine for PHP.

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