Google Announces The Global Dart Hackathon

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Hackathons are the in thing these days. From the competitive scene like Google's Code Jam (which our very own Michael Marr liveblogged this year) to the more traditional like Google's TV hackathon. Google, not content with just one, two or even three Hackathons, have announced another global hackathon.

We shared a video last week of Seth Ladd talking up Google's Dart programming language. It's still relatively new to the world, but Google thinks it can change the way we program for the web. To that end, Google needs bright minds to come together and hack the ever living crap out of it.

That being said, this is the first ever Dart hackathon and Google is taking it to a global level. Ladd says its a collaboration between the Dart team and the developer community. The focus is on building "modern client and server side web apps and libraries."

The current locations for hackathons around the globe are as follows:

North America:
Silicon Valley, California, USA
South America:
São Paulo, Brazil
Europe and Middle East:
London, England
Prague, Czech Republic
Tel Aviv, Israel
Bacolod City, Philippines
Chandigarh, India
Goa, India
Karnataka, India
Manipal, India
New Delhi, India
Seoul, Korea
Tokyo, Japan

Ladd reiterates that Dart is still in preview and isn't ready for mass consumption. To counter that though, he says that's what makes these kind of hackathons fun and I couldn't agree more. Times, dates and registrations can all be found at the Dart Hackathon Web site. You can also get an early look at the Dart SDK to prepare yourself for the Hackathon.