Google Announces Full Swift Support For Mobile Ads

Google announced that its mobile adds now fully support Swift, the iOS programming language Apple launched in 2014 and open sourced last last year.

Google says it has seen an increase in requests from publishers to fully support Swift in the Google Mobile Ads SDK, and has responded by releasing example apps built in Swift, adding code snippets throughout its developer docs, and adding Swift API reference docs to its developer sites.

"The Google Mobile Ads SDK team is committed to supporting Swift, and we’ll continue to update our SDK, developer docs, and example apps to ensure we provide publishers with full support for the latest version of Swift," says Tristan Emrich with Google Mobile Ads developer relations. "Whether you currently develop your iOS apps in Swift, or have plans to do so in the future, we hope the actions we’ve taken to support Swift in our SDK will help make your experience with Swift more enjoyable and your transition to Swift a whole lot easier."

Emrich notes that Google's GitHub repo now has Swift example apps for banners, interstitials, and native ads for AdMob and DFP. They've also added a Swift version to their API demo app.

"The API Demo app demonstrates features of the Google Mobile Ads SDK, such as new ways to customize ad requests, experiment with multiple ad sizes, and compare AdMob and DFP technologies, to help you improve the user experience and maximize ad revenue," says Emrich.

They've also added Swift code snippets to the AdMob, DFP, and AdX developer docs and Swift API reference docs to the AdMob and DFP developer sites.

Image via Apple