Google Announces Anita Borg Scholarship Winners

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In light of the growing movement to increase the number of women involved in engineering and computer science, Google announced today the recipients of the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship.

70 young women attending college in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the MIddle East or Africa have been awarded the scholarship. The scholarship's bounty is $3,500 and since college isn't getting any cheaper, that's a helpful chunk of change these ladies stand to gain. This is the 9th year that Google has been offering the scholarship, which will help finance the students as they embark into the impressive field of computer science and break through the historical barriers that originally codified the field as a boys-only club.

Borg herself was a vanguard of women in the technology industry, teaching herself to program and later earning a doctorate degree from New York University. She went on to found the Institute for Women and Technology, which has since been renamed the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology following her death in 2003.

While today's announcement includes several regions of the world, more recipients in Asia and Australia and New Zealand in the coming months. This is the first year that the Anita Borg Scholarship has been offered to students in Asia, which encompasses the countries of Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. If you live in any of the aforementioned countries, Australia, or New Zealand, you can still submit an application for the Anita Borg Scholarship on Google's Scholarship and Awards page until the deadline of June 3.

For a full list of today's winner as well as the finalists, click.... here!

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