Google And YouTube Launch New Campaign Toolkits

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Google has introduced a "You Choose 2010 Campaign Toolkit" on YouTube and a new Google Campaign Toolkit, both aimed at helping candidates stay connected to voters.

The YouTube Blog offers more information on the variety of tools available to candidates and their campaigns.

"On YouTube, campaigns will have access to features like a Politician channel (which allows campaigns to brand their channel and upload longer videos), Google Moderator, our free analytics tool YouTube Insight, and information about running paid advertising campaigns-using formats like in-stream ads and Promoted Videos-to reach viewers with political ads, just like on TV."


"And our Google toolkit demonstrates how Google Apps can keep staff and volunteers connected, how search ads can grow your email list and provides other helpful tools."

Google said in the 2008 presidential election, 68 percent of registered U.S. voters went online regularly for political information. For the first time, the Internet surpassed newspapers and magazines in terms of reach and influence.


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