Google And Microsoft Partner With The Ad Council On Teen Internet Safety

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The Ad Council has launched the “Internet Safety Coalition,” in an effort to educate teens about how to be smart about what they post and share online.

The Internet Safety Coalition members include big names such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, AOL, Comcast, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, MySpace and MTV Networks, among others.

Based on research and feedback from teens, the Ad Council and the Internet Safety Coalition members worked with Merkley + Partners to develop a program entitled “Beware What You Share,” which communicates to teens that posting information online isn't private, and if they wouldn't broadcast it in real life, then it's not smart to share it online or digitally, where it can be passed on and will remain forever.



Creative materials, developed by GrapeVine Productions, have been tested with teens and feature the tagline, “If you wouldn’t wear it, don’t share it.” Materials include online videos, Web banners, logo visuals, brochure templates and social media messaging.

Members will integrate these messages into their marketing and communications efforts, such as online content and campaigns, advertising, social media channels, consumer promotions, and grassroots programs.

“By providing a range of organizations with research-based messages, this effort will encourage teens to be smart about what they post, which will ultimately help keep our children safer,” said Peggy Conlon, president & CEO of The Advertising Council.


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