Google Analytics Makes Remarketing Activation Easier

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In an effort yo make it simpler for advertisers to enable remarketing, Google has added the ability in Google Analytics to do so with a single toggle with new Instant Activation. Now, rather than manually updating all of your site tags, you can use the new feature to take advantage of remarketing more quickly.

"For many advertisers, remarketing is an essential tactic," Google says in a blog post. "But remarketing can be a difficult journey, even for the savviest digital marketer. We repeatedly see marketers struggle with tagging hurdles and complex implementation challenges, with the result that only 1 in 5 remarketers successfully completes their setup."

To use Instant Activation, go to "Audiences" under the Remarketing section in your Google Analytics Property's settings, then choose the AdWords account where you want to share your audience and hit "Next Step".

From there, click "Enable" to create an audience of All Users.

"You can also come back later and create more complex audiences, like ‘visitors who have spent more than six minutes on site’, ‘visitors who visited more than five pages’, or ‘abandoned cart,'" says Google. "This step automatically activates Advertiser Features if you haven’t done so already, which also enables Audience Demographics and Interests Reporting. You can manage this setting at any time in the Admin tab, under the ‘Advertiser Features’ section in your Property Settings."

Go to "Create Campaign," and you'll be presented with a remarketing campaign creation process in AdWords, then you're good to go.

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