Google Analytics Book Earns Company's Endorsement


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If you're interested in marketing and Google Analytics, and have $27 and the time to read 450 pages to spare, Google thinks it knows of just the right book for you.  Yesterday evening, the search giant took the rather unusual step of endorsing a privately-authored paperback called Performance Marketing with Google Analytics.

Performance Marketing with Google AnalyticsAgain, the book wasn't put out by Google or even any current employees.  Instead, it was written by Sebastian Tonkin, who used to work for the company, Caleb Whitmore, the founder of Analytics Pros, and Justin Cutroni, the director of digital intelligence at WebShare.

But the book impressed Avinash Kaushik, Google's analytics evangelist, to the point that he was willing to write a foreword, and on the Google Analytics Blog, a post stated late yesterday, "A new book by a stellar team is now available for you to take your usage of Google Analytics to the next level."

Specifically, topics that the book addresses include AdWords, customer loyalty, online strategy, and ROI.  Plus email, offline, SEO, and social media campaigns, along with winning market share from competitors.

Anyway, the Google blog post pointed out that you can get the book on Amazon if you like, or read a little more about it on the official site.