Google AdWords Now Available on Your Mobile

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Great news if you're a fan of AdWords. Google is now giving you full access to the AdWords community right through your mobile device. That's right, it's optimized for mobile now. So if you have any spur of the moment inspiration or you need to get in touch with another advertiser, you can do it on the spot.

Here's what Google promises with the new mobile-optimized AdWords access:

* Ask your AdWords questions as soon as they come to mind.
* Post answers/articles and help other members.
* Instantly browse any thread you want to re-visit.

Many people are finding navigation on the mobile version to be similar if not better than what they experienced on their desktops. They kept the interface simple and buttons to all the community features are easy to find and just as easy to employ. All you do is go to the AdWords Community like you would on your desktop and all the mobile-optimized features will appear.

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