Google AdWords and the Advertising Display Network

Last week Google hosted a Hangout where they answered user’s questions about how to use their Display Network and what qualifies to be on it. During the Hangout Top Contributors from the AdWords...
Google AdWords and the Advertising Display Network
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  • Last week Google hosted a Hangout where they answered user’s questions about how to use their Display Network and what qualifies to be on it. During the Hangout Top Contributors from the AdWords community, and several of Google’s staff shared tips and tricks for using the network.

    If you missed it, I’ve included a collection of their questions so our readers can learn a little more about what Google is offering to advertisers with the network. I have also included the almost hour long video of the Hangout. If you’re interested, take a few minutes and look at this stuff. Google is really providing some great tools, and you would be a fool not to take advantage.

    Here’s the Google Hangouts video on the Display Network:

    Google+Small+Business%29″>Here are some questions that were asked and answered during the Hangout:

    * Where is the Display Network available?
    The Display Network is available in all countries that AdWords serves.

    * Which clicks are more likely to become conversions search or display?
    Search and display perform very differently, depending on your overall campaign goals.

    * What’s more effective: automatic placements or manual?
    If you’re trying to reach a specific audience or target users who demonstrate a particular interest and you have an idea of some Display Network websites where you want your ads to appear, managed placements are probably the best bet for you. If you’re just starting out with Display, we would suggest opting into automatic placements at first and then reviewing the domains you show on to further refine and optimize.

    * If in your industry search approximate cpc is = to display approximate cpc why would you do display?(Besides the obvious increase in potential traffic.)
    The Display Network is a great way to find customers that may not be actively searching for your product. Other than potentially increasing traffic to your website, you can potentially grow your customer base and get more conversions.

    * Tips on how to get JPEG ads approved quickly?
    Our ad review turn around time is usually 1-3 busi
    ness days. If your ads are under review for more than 3 business days, please get in touch with us or submit your ads directly to our review team.

    * For remarketing, how do I set the ad up to show people the products they viewed but not purchased?
    You can create different audience lists so that you create an audience for users who visited your product pages and users who completed a purchase. You can then create a “custom combination” list to subtract those who purchased from those who visited your pages and did not purchase.

    * What is the difference between topics and interest categories? How are these compiled?
    Topic targeting allows you to place ads on pages directly related to the topic you’ve selected, whereas interest categories allow you to reach users across the Display Network who have shown specific interests, regardless of the page they’re currently on.

    * For remarketing, would you suggest using just one method per ad group, i.e., contextual, topic, interest, managed placements, or is it OK to mix them?
    Remarketing operates by showing your ads to users on your audience list, so within your ad group, the audience list should be the only targeting you have set up.

    * If you could only choose between search and display and the approximate cpc was the same. Which would you chose and why?
    This question really depends on your business and your advertising goals. In general, we tend to see advertisers looking for more direct response focus on the Search Network, while those who are interested in branding and remarketing might want to focus on the Display Network.

    * Any suggestions on frequency capping numbers?
    When you turn on frequency capping for a campaign, you can set a limit for the number of impressions you allow an individual user to have per day, per week, or per month, and you can choose whether this is applicable to each ad, ad group, or campaign. So ultimately, the frequency capping number you select depends on your goals and the size of your advertising endeavor. Kim and Theresa suggested numbers around 5-15 impressions per day for an individual user.

    * I know there is a placement tool in AdWords – however it doesn’t seem to show “all” of the websites available in the network. I have found sites displaying relevant ads, but I did not find it in tool. Is there another way to identify these potential sites?
    Yes! In addition to our Placement Tool, you can check the DoubleClick Ad Planner for other sites that are in the Display Network.

    Hope this helps you advertisers, especially if you were wondering about the Advertising Network. There’s a lot of information there, so you may want to save this page and come back to it. Good luck.

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