Google, Adobe May Bring Together Chrome, Flash


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Google and Adobe may be set to grow a lot closer.  A new report claims that the two companies will announce a partnership tomorrow, and that the deal will entail some form of bundling between Chrome and Flash.

Google LogoThis rumor has at least two points in its favor.  First, Adobe Reader is already part of Google Pack, meaning there's a precedent of sorts for the two companies working together in this manner.  Second, Larry Dignan described the people who tipped him to the development as "reliable sources."

So on to the heart of the matter.  Dignan wrote, "Chrome already works with Flash, but the announcement may include future versions of the Chrome browser or may focus on Google's Chrome operating system."

Dignan also theorized, "If Google is bundling Chrome and Flash in a deeper partnership it could indicate that the two parties are drawing a line in the sand against Apple."  Especially given the timing of this deal in relation to the release of the iPad.

Tomorrow could turn out to be a rather interesting day, then.  We'll update this article (or just publish a new one) as appropriate.

UPDATE: Yep, it's official.