Google Acquires Mike and Maaike


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Google, on the heels of finally acquiring Motorola for $12.5 billion, has also bought industrial design firm Mike and Maaike, a company that contributed to the design of the G1 smartphone, launched in 2008.

Here's a look at the G1:

While the Motorola acquisition was primarily centered around Google getting ahold of some patents, the search giant's merger with Mike and Maaike is significant of a further interest in hardware design. Mike and Maaike calls itself a "progressive industrial design studio," and while building the G1, was committed to "functionality, intelligence, and ease." The firm has also designed for Belkin, Steelcase, Microsoft, Incase, and the City of San Francisco.

Now that Google has essentially wrapped up its infringement case concerning Oracle's Java code used in its Android OS, Google officials have stated that it's time to maintain a better focus on Android offerings, calling the merger a "natural next step." Google adds that it's "even more serious and (ready) to really go for it."