Google Accused Of Subtle Racism Over "Black Guy Running On A Watermelon" Doodle

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Since the start of the London Olympics, Google has displayed a brand new Doodle every day highlighting different Olympic events. We've seen Doodles celebrating the sports of shot put, javelin, tables tennis, field hockey, and more. Today's Doodle pays tribute to all the athletes participating in various track events involving hurdles - but some are seeing something buried a bit deeper in the artwork. Something more sinister...

Today's interactive Doodle lets users play a QWOP-like game where the avatar runs and jumps hurdles. And it's all fun and games until someone accuses the search giant of subtle racism.

First, let's see if you spot anything racist about the Doodle:

Do you see it? Apparently, the runner looks African American and the track looks a little too much like a slice of watermelon.

Scott Schopman

Just me or is Google's Doodle today a tad bit racist??

Donald Napier

Nice subtle racism making the track in your doodle look like watermelon, +Google.

Now, it's hard to argue that the runner doesn't look black and the track doesn't look like a watermelon, but do you honestly think Google had this in mind when the Doodle design came across the table?

Last week, NBC was accused of the same kind of subtle racism when they aired a promo of a monkey doing gymnastics right after USA's Gabby Douglas won the gold medal at the women's all-around competition. Are these actual instances of racism, or, like the hurdler, are people simply making some incredible leaps?

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