Google +1 Button Gets A New Look To Match Google+ Scheme

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The Google +1 buttons are getting a simple makeover to match the red and white digs of the Google+ scheme. According to an update on the Google+ Developers blog, the new +1 look will be visible to the Google+ Platform Preview Group before being deployed into the public.

So what was once blue and white (and a little green, yellow, and red).

Has been reduced to a minimal red and white, with the varicolored header gone completely.

Similar to how the old button would invert the blue and white colors of the "+1" after it was clicked, the new buttons do a similar inversion of the red and white.

The update concludes with an assurance to webmasters that the new design will update automatically if you're already installed the +1 button on your page; in other words, you don't have to do anything to get the new look. Whenever the new button hits the public, the blog will be updated with a notification.

The conversation about the look on the Google+ page of Eric Steinlauf, a Google+ Software Engineer, weren't the warmest of reviews. Some samples:

  • "I just saw this. Not sure if I like it. I understand the colour and the g+ branding, but the font is way way too small in the box, and all other page elements (comment, hang out, share, etc) are all blue. There was nothing wrong with the button really. I say don't sweat the small stuff and concentrate on game changing developments/upgrades first. But that is just my opinion."
  • "The new button clashes with the whole Google look IMO. It's a step backward."
  • "I may be in the minority here, but I don't like it. I don't like the red G+ logo either though. Note that I love G+, so don't take this as an attack on the networking site in general. The old button was just more bright and inviting. It psychologically seemed to give an incentive to click it."
  • "I think its less noticeable. The subtleness of color and small type size make the button literally disappear. The older blue version had plenty of contrast to help it be noticed. Perhaps a more subtle approach was wanted, but this icon seems to barely whisper."
  • "The new plus buttons look like tampons. They gross me out."
  • "This may promote Google+ but this redish behaviour of +1 button doesn't appeal to click on it. It may alright on Google+ platform, but I think old one is far more better on websites."
  • "It's harder to read. The "+1" is smaller! I can't wait for an extension to reverse the change."
  • "BLOOD"
  • The complaints go on. Despite the bad reactions, I can understand why Google went with red as it distinguishes the button from Facebook and Twitter's buttons, which are both blue. Any readers want to add their two cents about the new look? Say it below in the comments.

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