Golf Shot Hits Wife After Skiier Jokes On Twitter

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Olympic skiier Bode Miller tried his hand at golf earlier this week to disastrous results; he may have played a decent game, but he hit a line drive that ended up almost taking out his wife's eye.

Miller took to Twitter to document his game, joking that he had made lots of awful shots for his wife to laugh at. The next tweet came right after the shot that ended badly but could have been much worse.

For the morbidly curious, there's a photo here of the aftermath. WARNING: extremely graphic photo.

Luckily for Miller's wife--model and volleyball player Morgan Miller--she was wearing shatterproof sunglasses from Kaenon which absorbed some of the impact. The athlete says she is feeling a little better today but still can't see out of that eye and has some numbness in her head, which is to be expected after such a hard hit and 50 stitches.

Amanda Crum
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