Gold iPhone Proves Profitable for Apple

IT Management

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Apple has really run into a golden opportunity when it comes to their latest selection of colors for the iPhone 5S, with their gold colored option being, by far, the most popular choice for consumers. Perhaps Apple has cracked the code; perhaps consumers have all along been pining for nothing more than the irresistible glimmer of gold when it comes to their technology selections. Whatever the reason, the golden apple has hit a spike in popularity; iPhone 5S leads have improved drastically, and the golden colored iPhones are proving to be the hardest to obtain, according to Forbes.

Among the amusing stories coming about as the result of the gold iPhone's almost instantaneous popularity are the tales of the device selling out instantly in China and Hong Kong, and many European areas having "literally zero units" of the coveted golden smartphone. The phones are so scarce that the only place to really get ahold of one is the online market, on second-hand websites such as eBay, as Apple stores have been selling out quickly and have had to turn away customers looking to purchase one of the golden apples.

Of course, there is always the option of customizing a non-golden iPhone to achieve that perfectly gleaming ideal. Many third party dealers offer everything from paint jobs to actual gold plating to customers willing to shell out the cash to have their techy goodies glitzed and glammed to the nines. This is, arguably, a good alternative to shelling out hundreds for a new phone featuring the golden gleam. Or, it would be, if Walmart wasn't planning to pull some of its discounting witchcraft and offer a Black Friday deal on the coveted golden smartphone; their ad promises a $75 gift card to customers who purchase the $189 smartphone with a contract. That deal sounds pretty golden to this writer.

[Image courtesy of the official Apple store listing for the gold-colored iPhone.]