God of War PS3 European Bundle Gets a Gold Controller


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Sony has only two weeks left to sell PlayStation 3 consoles before it announces the PlayStation 4 on February 20. It also has only months to convince gamers that the final games of this generation are still worth buying.

With this in mind, the announcement this week of the God of War: Ascension "Legacy Bundle," could represent one of Sony's last attempts to sell PlayStation 3 consoles on the back of first-party games. The U.S. version of the bundle comes with a red PlayStation 3 and a copy of every game in the God of War series.

Europeans, though won't be getting the God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle. Instead, a different God of War: Ascension/PlayStation 3 bundle will be released. The different bundle will include a white 500 GB PlayStation 3 slim console, rather than the red one in the U.S. bundle. Europeans will also not be getting a copy of God of War: Saga in their bundle, and there was also no mention of the normal 30-day free trial of the PlayStation Plus service.

To make up for not being as comprehensive of God of War as the U.S. version, the bundle in Europe will include a gold God of War: Ascension-branded Dualshock 3 controller. Also, the Ascension game disc will come in a "Steelbook" case, which includes the game's soundtrack and codes for a "Double XP" multiplayer unlock, a PlayStation 3 theme, and a PlayStation 3 avatar.