God of War: Ascension For Playstation 3 Announced


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Sony has officially announced the next title in the God of War franchise. God of War: Ascension will bring back Kratos, the Spartan-turned-demi-god whose vengeful rampage against the Greek Gods has spanned three major console titles and a host of other games. This time, though, fans of the series will get to see Kratos before he made his fateful deal with Ares. That's right - Ascension is a prequel.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Todd Pappy, Game Director for God of War: Ascension, announced that the title will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Also, fans clamoring for more information will be happy to learn that Sony will be hosting a streaming event on April 30th to give gamers a sneak peak at the title. The event will begin at 8 am Pacific time on the PlayStation Blog and the God of War: Ascension Facebook page. Fans can tweet their questions to the @PlayStation twitter account, and will receive a signed God of War: Ascension poster if their question is answered during the stream.

Check out the teaser trailer, which looks nice, but doesn't give any info about the game:

It will be interesting to see how Sony will make this prequel as exciting as the other games in the series. Going from demi-god status to regular Spartan is quite a demotion for Kratos. And what will he be fighting if not the Gods and their minions? The most frequent question in the comments to the blog post are worries about what weapons Kratos will use, since he will not yet have his signature chain-blades. I'm sure we will get many more details during the stream on April 30 and at the upcoming E3 Expo this summer. Let me know your opinions on what Kratos' back-story should contain in the comments section below.

(box art courtesy of All Games Beta)