Go Daddy's First Of Two Super Bowl Ads Is Better Than Last Year's

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Go Daddy has broadcast ads during the Super Bowl for the past nine years. Last year's ads were not received very well, and we suggested that Go Daddy change its strategy. The company will once again have two ads going up this year, and the first has been revealed. Does it remedy the errors of the past?

The first ad to be revealed this year is called "YourBigIdea.CO." As you can obviously tell, the ad is trying to sell you Go Daddy's new .co domains. The ad implicates that .co domains are the new Gold Rush of the Internet age. If you get one, you'll become incredibly wealthy.

Compared to last year's ads, this ad is way better. It seems that Go Daddy may be done with trying to exclusively use sex appeal to sell domains. Sure, some of the men watching the game may like the models that Go Daddy employs for its ads, but it doesn't exactly sell its product. To be fair, however, Super Bowl ads have always been more about entertaining viewers than trying to sell a product.

According to Ad Week, Go Daddy has one more ad that it will reveal soon. The other ad will star supermodel Bar Refaeli alongside longtime Go Daddy spokesperson Danica Patrick.

In other Super Bowl ad news, Hulu recently kicked off its Ad Zone once again. The site will feature all the Super Bowl 2013 ads in real time as they appear during the game. Viewers will then vote on which ads are their favorite. Go Daddy better hope viewers respond more favorably to its ads this time.