Gmail Updates Themes, Recipient Suggestions

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Google announced two updates to Gmail today - background themes and email recipient suggestions.

First up, your backgrounds.  For a while now, Google has given Gmail users the ability to change their backgrounds using pre-made themes like ninjas and space.  They also already allow users to create a semi-custom background using different colors.

Now you can upload your own image to use as the background for your inbox.  I made a zombie background.  Awesome.

Just go to the top right options button and click mail settings.  From there click on the Themes tab and there will be an option to create your own.

Next up, are the features titled "Don't forget Bob" and "Got the wrong Bob?"  These features have moved out of the Google lab and are now there to help users send their emails to the right people.  When you add a recipient, Gmail automatically generates suggestions for other recipients based on groups of people you email most often.  If you click on their name, it will add them to the recipient list.

Gmail will also notify you if it thinks you have added the wrong person to your multiple recipients.  Just click on the right recipient to replace the wrong one on the list.

These features are bound to save someone from sending sensitive work information to Uncle Ted instead of Ted from accounting.


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