Gmail Snooze Lets Users Hit the Snooze Button on Emails

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Google didn't exactly announced a new Gmail feature today, or even a Gmail Labs feature. The company announced a script rather, which you can use to add a new feature to Gmail yourself.

Interesting way of doing things, but whatever…

"One feature that some of us really wanted was for Gmail to let you 'snooze' an email," says software engineer Corey Goldfeder on the Official Gmail Blog. "Snoozing means archiving an email for now, but having it automatically reappear in the inbox at some specified time in the future. With Apps Script you can extend Gmail to add this functionality and a lot more yourself."

Users can set it up by copying the code provided here, pasting it into a Google Docs spreadsheet, and choosing "Script Editor" from the "Tools" menu. After that, click "save," and give it a name.

"In the dropdown labeled 'Select a function to run,' choose 'setup' and click the blue run arrow to the left of it," Goldfeder explains. "This will ask you to authorize the script, and will create the necessary labels in your Gmail. Then go to the 'Triggers' menu and choose 'current script's triggers.' Click the link to set up a new trigger, choosing the 'moveSnoozes' function, a 'time-driven' event, 'day timer,' and then 'midnight to 1am.' Click save and you’re done."

The following video also demonstrates how to do it:

Once you've done all of this, you will be able to "snooze" a thread in Gmail using the "move to" button to move the thread into the Snooze for however many days you wish. You can also label and archive it. After the set amount of days passes, the message will reappear in the inbox.

The code, as Goldfeder points out, can also be edited if you're the programming type.

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