Gmail Now Has a Bunch of New Emoticons (Yay?)

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Google has just given you the ability to make your emails much cuter or much more annoying, depending on who you ask.

Gmail has just added over 1,000 new emoticons for your smiling, frowning, and winking pleasure. Before the big influx, Gmail only offered about 150 emoticons. Now, that total is closer to 1,300.

"Ever want to make an email just a little more fun? Maybe you’re creating an invitation for a party you’re throwing this weekend, or trying to get your team at work excited for an offsite. Make sure to explore all of Gmail’s emoticons now available in the New Compose and tell us which is your favorite," says Google.

Here's what the emoticon icon looks like in Gmail's new compose box, which has been rolling out to users over the past few months.

[h/t The Next Web]
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