Gmail For iOS Updated With New Look And Features

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Google pushed an update for Gmail on Android 4.0 and above devices yesterday that added a lot of much needed features to the mobile email client. Now iOS users can also enjoy a completely new Gmail experience that adds new features and a slick new look.

Upon booting up version 2.0 of Gmail for iOS, you're bound to notice the new look of the client. Some of the new design is clearly inspired by Sparrow's Gmail app. Google acquired the company and put its employees to work on Gmail. The new iOS app seems to be fruits of that labor.

Gmail For iOS Updated With New Look And Features

Besides the new look, the Gmail team has added a number of new features to the app that make it easier to use. For one, messages now display a person's profile image from Google+. The identity of each person participating in a group conversation will now be immediately apparent.

Speaking of Google+, the new app also allows users to RSVP to Google Calendar invites and +1 and comment on Google+ posts right from the app.

The two final features are general, but welcome, improvements. The first is the addition of autocomplete predictions to help complete emails faster. It will also catch all those nasty typos that frequently make their way into emails sent from mobile devices.

The other addition is support for multiple accounts. An iPhone or iPad may be tied to a single Apple ID, but more and more people are sharing iOS devices, especially iPads, among family members. It's a nice gesture on the part of Google, but Apple really should take a cue from Android 4.2 and add multiple account support into the base iOS experience.

You can grab the new Gmail for iOS from the App Store.