Gmail For iOS Finally Gets Full Notification Center Support

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The Gmail app for iOS has finally gotten one of the most user-requested features: full Notification Center support. The app now supports banners, alerts, and lock screen options within iOS. The announcement of the new feature came in a blog post by Jason Parachoniak, a software developer at Google. Parachoniak also revealed two other features that would be coming to the iOS version of Gmail.

The Notification Center support was sorely needed, and Parachoniak even states that the notifications in the updated app are "up to" five times faster than before. The window shade notification bar was one of the only advantages early Android had over iOS, and was something that made Gmail on an Android phone very useful. Now that Notification Center integration is complete, the Gmail app on iOS is finally up to par, and possibly better, than the Android app.

Another feature announced is the ability to use alternate email addresses directly in the app. As long as users have alternate sender addresses configured for Gmail, the "From:" option will appear when composing emails within the iOS app.

The updated app also now allows users to stay logged into the app indefinitely. "You can still choose to sign out of your account, but you won't be automatically logged out after a certain period of time has elapsed," Parachoniak said.