GM to Relaunch Marketing of Volt

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According to GM CEO Dan Akerson, General Motors plans to relaunch an advertising campaign for its electric Volt in the next one to two months. Akerson made these comments at a press conference on Wednesday. GM recently halted production of the electric car for 5 weeks, to allow demand to catch up with supply.

GM planned to move 10,000 Volts in 2011, but sold only 7,671. Then in January the National Highway Transportation Safety Agency investigated the Volt as being a potential fire hazard, but closed the inquiry after deeming the car to be safe. Ragardless, Akerson states that the investigation “set us back, so we’ve got to rebuild,” adding that Volt sales are back up to pre-investigation levels.

Akerson said the new marketing strategy would essentially relaunch the car, steer away from plainly introducing the Volt to the public, and focus more on how the established vehicle has been working out for real customers. Akerson also stated that GM wouldn't continue to overproduce the Volt, calling the production beyond demand "foolhardy," with the Volt making up less than 0.5% of GM's overall sales.

Akerson also pointed out that though the sales of the Volt have been down, they are on par with what Toyota's Prius was selling in its first year on the market.

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