GM, Ford Create Alternative Super Bowl Rivalry


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Now that the Giants have won the Super Bowl, we should be able to forge about Super Bowl rivalries, right? Not if Ford has anything to say about it.

You may have seen GM's ad during the Super Bowl. It pokes fun at Ford owners' inability to survive the apocalypse because one's truck model definitely changes survival odds.

The ad pokes fun at Ford, but is it enough to get angry over? Ford thinks it is.

Ford told Reuters that they have the safer pickup truck so even without the poking fun, GM is just wrong. Well, GM is not going to pull the ad because it's a good ad. Why pull an ad even if it makes your competitor look bad? That's the point of an advertisement.

Ford says that they are going to fight the allegations that they make an inferior truck not in court, but in the ad space. They will protect their claim of having the best-selling truck for the past 35 years.

It's nice to see competition in the ad space. Even if both companies come out looking all the more foolish for their jabs at each other, the consumer gets the hilarious attack ads they make.