Glomper App Launches Today at SXSW

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Glomper Event is a new app that allows users to get pertinent details about an event, with photos, conversations, comments, and interactions while on the go. It launched today at SXSW to give festival attendees a better glimpse of its capabilities with a pre-populated list of all the SXSW events.

The Glomper interface looks a lot like Pinterest, with streaming photos from events aligning down the center of the page. The user can click on an event to see the full details, including pictures, people who are attending and comments. When you click to view an event, it sort of looks like a Facebook home page for parties instead of people. Glomper even includes a feature where you can "heart" something by clicking an outline of a heart which fills in when you "like", um, "heart" something.

The free app version is now available for iPhone or Android phones, and lists all of the parties and activities going on at SXSW. Event attendees can keep track of where all there friends are and share photos of what they're doing.

Glomper features

  • See full stream of one event – pictures, comments, tags, and conversation happening there
  • Offline mode
  • Interactive map so people can see where their friends are hanging out.
  • Uses Facebook Connect, allowing anyone to share pictures and posts.

Here is what Glomper CEO, Alexander Borodich said about the launch and the hopes he has for Glomper:

"Social media plays a huge role in our online and offline social lives – that's how we hear about events, conferences, meet-ups; decide which clubs, restaurants, bars are the best; what parties are going on, if it's rocking or if it's a dud – and for the busy social butterfly, there's currently no way to track it all in one place – instead we're forced to scour our social networks for information and piece it all together ourselves. Glomper Events is the perfect mobile app for everyone with an active social life, who likes to explore new places, and meet new people – we want to bring the engagement of social media to their offline world, and what better place to launch than at SXSW."