Global Android Activations Visualized

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Anyone who's unimpressed by the adoption rate Android's enjoyed since its launch should consider setting aside three minutes to watch a new video.  The Android Developer Channel on YouTube has created a visualization of the mobile operating system's spread, and it's an interesting sight to see.

Stylistically, the whole video's a little bit reminiscent of one of those water fountain light shows.  Maps start off dark, and then little jets of color begin to erupt as time passes and people active Android devices.  The unfortunate thing is that there's no music.

As for the information that's on display, the video starts by showing global Android device activations (running up through January of 2011), then switches to activations in North America (at 1:05), followed by Europe (2:05), and ending in East Asia (2:45).

Fair warning for the Google fans out there: it's not at all an "Android world" when the clip concludes; Canada, South America, Greenland, Africa, large portions of Asia, and Australia remain pretty dark.

Still, this video should help show Android detractors that the mobile operating system's won plenty of followers in a short period of time.

Hat tip goes to Gary Cutlack.