Global Advertising Expenditures [Infographic]

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It seems like the best way to noticed now days is to create a huge online presence with your brand and products. After all, if we can't find you online, we probably aren't going to buy. Modern informed consumers rely heavily on brand websites, social media advertising, and other digital media-based marketing to direct our attentions and distinguish between products. We like interactive.

Corporations and organizations know this about consumers and for that reason are taking more and more of their marketing budget every year and putting it into online advertising. It's not a surprise, we spend more time online for an increasing number of reasons every year. In fact, many online platforms are working on adapting television's ad space rating system to the internet so they can sell space in exactly the same way. Prime time equals big bucks, but also big recognition.

This interesting infographic from Go-Gulf.Com gives us a nice overview of what the planet is spending on online advertising, broken down by region, and also by year; past, present, and future. As i've already said, it's not a big surprise, but the dollar amounts are really impressive. The future of brand recognition and shopping is online.

Take a look at what Go-Gulf.Com came up with:

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