Glenn Beck Supports Gay Marriage: Shocker!

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Glenn Beck says there is a grave misconception about him floating around out in the world. Apparently many folks think that he is a social Conservative. Some might point to his criticisms of President Obama, his time spent at Fox News, or any of the other very not-Liberal stances Beck has taken. But Glenn Beck begs to differ.

"I was branded as a GOP guy. I'm not a GOP guy. I hate the GOP," Glenn Beck told Howard Stern recently.

In fact, Beck says that one of the biggest misconceptions about him is that he is against gay marriage.

"I just want you to know, I'm not against gay marriage," Beck insisted. "I never have been. I was for gay marriage long before the president was. I'm a Libertarian."

Beck says his Libertarian lean is what is behind his non-opposition to gay marriage.

"Get out of my space," he says, explaining his stance more clearly. "Don't tell me who I can marry. And I'm not gonna tell you that my church is telling you that you have to be baptized, that you have to live this way. Just let's leave each other alone."

Beck further expounded on the ignominious parting between himself and Fox News, saying that it was a simple matter of principled disagreement. Beck said he left Fox News because, "I was too Libertarian for Fox."

But he also says that his time at Fox News has become a problem for him, in some ways.

"Being on Fox News defined me in a good way and a bad way," he explains, "because who wants to be defined by a two-and-a-half or three-year period of your life?"

Prompted by Stern, Glenn Beck dug a little deeper than just his ideological differences with Fox.

"I really had a problem with the hatred [at Fox]," he admitted. "Look, I grew up in an alcoholic family and I was the guy who just kind of made the family work … So I don't like conflict. Like Bill O'Reilly – he loves conflict. My kids could not walk with me when we were in New York."

Perhaps, now that marriage equality is now the nationwide law of the land, Glenn Beck will have opportunity to clear his position up even more so for those who saw him differently.

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