Glassholes Agreed to Be on The Daily Show, For Some Reason

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They couldn't have thought this was going to be anything but a masterful trolling, right?

"Yes it seems, even in this day and age, you can still be treated differently just because of how you look – wearing a $1,500 face computer."

The Daily Show finally took on the world of Glassholes on Thursday night, sending correspondent Jason Jones to interview six Glass Explorers who have seen that discrimination is still alive and well in our great nation. Hell, they've lived it.

"Do you guys hear yourselves when you talk?" asks Jones after one Glass user begins to discuss Google's wearable tech as an interface between you and the real world.

"An interface between you and the real world? Those are called eyes."

Check out their stories of injustice below:

Image via The Daily Show video, screenshot

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