Giuliana Rancic Opens Up About Devastating Miscarriage

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Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill are speaking openly this week about the devastating loss of their baby after their surrogate had a miscarriage.

The woman is the same surrogate who carried the couple's son Duke, and while she is recovering, they say they want to make sure she doesn't feel like they blame her in any way.

"Thankfully we've had some time to process the news. It was hard...I mean, when you get that call that you've had a miscarriage…we were just devastated. Our priority at the time, once we were able to take the emotion out of it a little bit, was to make sure our surrogate who carried Duke for us … knew it was not her fault," Rancic said.

The couple tried for several months to conceive before Duke was born, and Giuliana went through several rounds of IVF. Her doctor claimed it was mandatory for her to have a mammogram during the treatment, which led to her diagnosis of breast cancer. If she hadn’t undergone the invasive program in order to conceive little Edward Duke, she might not have discovered her illness until it was much too late, if at all.

“Technically this baby saved her life because had she not gone through IVF — the doctor made it mandatory that she get a mammogram — they would have never found what they found so we owe this little guy debt of gratitude and I’m sure he’ll never let you forget it!” Bill said.

The couple released a statement about the miscarriage, saying their surrogate Delphine was about nine weeks pregnant. They say they will likely try one more time.

"Bill and I want to grow our family more than anything else, so as you can imagine we were shocked and saddened when we received the bad news. We are incredibly appreciative of all the love and support from our viewers who have been on our journey for the past seven seasons and hope to have good news to share with everyone soon. We have had our share of ups and downs and our faith is strong therefore we know in the end, everything will be OK."

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