Giuliana Rancic: Kathy Griffin Won't Speak to 'Fashion Police' Star Again

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Giuliana Rancic likely won't hear from former Fashion Police costar Kathy Griffin again. Griffin left the show last week, and some sources say it was due in part to Giuliana Rancic.

According to a report from RadarOnline, it all started when Giuliana Rancic made that very unkind--and very unnecessary--remark about Disney's Shake It Up star Zendaya on the Oscars red carpet. Remarking that Zendaya smelled like 'patchouli and weed,' as a diss to her dreadlocks caused quite an uproar.

Some viewers of The Oscars claimed Kathy Griffin made the remarks first. This prompted Giuliana Rancic to place the blame on Griffin rather than to take any responsibility for the hurtful comment herself.

“Giuliana tried blaming Kathy and said that it was actually her fault, but later changed her tune to say it was the writer’s fault,” a source told Radar. “Kathy did not appreciate being blamed and Giuliana showed her true colors by trying to throw her under the bus.”

“Giuliana later apologized to Kathy… because her career was at stake and she knew that she had to," the source adds. “But the apology was too late. Giuliana didn’t take responsibility for her actions.”

Giuliana Rancic is reportedly ready to put it all behind her, but Kathy Griffin isn't having it.

“Kathy is done with the drama and she is done with Giuliana,” another source told RadarOnline. “Kathy has not spoken to Giuliana and she has no intentions of ever speaking to her again, unless she has to.”

Are you surprised to learn that Kathy Griffin and Giuliana Rancic are no longer on speaking terms? Do you blame Kathy Griffin for her attitude or do you think she's being trivial about the ordeal?

And who do you think will take over for Kathy Griffin on Fashion Police? She was the one bestowed with the honor of taking the spot vacated by Joan Rivers when she passed away.

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