Girl Scout Cookies: Mother Fired For Selling to Customers

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Parents who pressure co-workers to buy fundraiser products for their child's sports team or school band can make things awkward around the break room, but Girl Scout cookies are generally the welcome exception. Even so, one woman went a step further by offering the snacks to customers and has now been fired for the offense.

The local Fox affiliate in Washington D.C. is reporting that Tracy Lewis, an employee for a food service company at American University called Bon Appetit Management, has been fired for selling Girl Scout cookies at work.

Her former employer accuses her of selling Girl Scout cookies over-the-counter to customers. Lewis admitted to Fox that she kept the cookies "on a cart" and would sell them if customers asked, but she also stated that she did not solicit customers to buy them. She said that she had been doing this for three years.

Fox reported that Lewis had been working for various food service companies at American University for 28 years.

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