Ginnifer Goodwin Among Those Who Debuted New Looks At Comic-Con

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Ginnifer Goodwin made waves at Comic-Con over the weekend when she appeared with a grey/lavender hue instead of the usual dark brown on her pixie cut.

Ginnifer Goodwin was on hand to promote her popular ABC show, Once Upon a Time.

During the panel on the show, someone just had to ask Ginnifer Goodwin if the hair color would transfer to Snow White.

Ginnifer Goodwin replied, "No, [the color is just for me], in real life. Mary Margaret will still be brunette!"

Goodwin told Us Weekly, "I was copying my makeup artist. I was like, 'It's beautiful, I want that!' I've always loved gray, but I guess the key is lilac."

However, it wasn't easy for Ginnifer Goodwin to accomplish that perfect hue.

She said, "It took eight hours of bleaching—eight hours! I got a headache—it was a whole big thing—but it was worth it."

It was probably worth it for the other stars who showed up at Comic-Con with a new look, as well.

Lily James also debuted a new shorter, darker look with her hair while she was promoting her film Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Such an amazing show of different looks this year!

What did you think of Ginnifer Goodwin's new purplish-grey hair color? Do you think she should stick with it or go back to brunette?

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