Ginger Zee Dispels Social Media Fashion Criticism With Kindness and Class

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Ginger Zee, the weather anchor for Good Morning America, decided to take the high road Wednesday by responding with kindness to a woman who posted a message on her Facebook page blasting her fashion choices.

Zee shared a screenshot of the woman's post, in which the "hater" bashed the meteorologist's sense of style, saying she looks "ridiculous," should "take a hint from Robin (Givens) ... she always dresses with CLASS" and doesn't dress appropriately for her position on television. The woman then went on to suggest Zee hire a fashion manager, ask the network for a clothing allowance and get some "Help."

Zee took it all in, and instead of taking offense or returning the negative comments with some equally negative comeback of her own, the 33-year-old meteorologist thanked the woman for sharing her thoughts and said, "No clothing allowance."

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She went on to say everyone should take the opportunity to stop bashing each other and turn to kindness instead.

"I agree haters gonna hate but this is a good way to inspire us all to say something kind to someone else- you never know what they are going through," Zee wrote on her Facebook page. "Let's all be kind to each other and have a happy Wednesday!"

Her comeback seems to have struck a chord with her Facebook followers and even some who went to her page after hearing about the exchange, earning her thousands of likes on a followup post, hundreds of shares and countless posts on her wall commending her for her "classy" response to the criticism.

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