Gillian Anderson Reveals that She is Bisexual


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In a recent interview with Out magazine, Gillian Anderson disclosed that she had intimate relationships with women. She started rebelling and having bi-sexual relations after moving from England to America. She said she indulged in other relationships that seemed mostly designed to shock people.

Her dabbling includes a long-term relationship with another female while she was in high school. She went on to explain that she wasn't a conformist as a kid: Her high school class voted her "Most Bizarre" and "Most Likely to Be Arrested."


Anderson says she has had more relationships with men than women and told Out, "If I had thought I was 100 percent gay, would it have been a different experience for me? "Would it have been a bigger deal if shame had been attached to it and all those things that become huge life-altering issues for youngsters in that situation? It's possible that my attitude around it came, on some level, from knowing that I still liked boys."

Anderson has been divorced twice and has a 17-year-old daughter from her first marriage to producer Julian Ozanne. She has two young sons with her current partner.


People tweeted about her bi-sexual tendencies:

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