Gillian Anderson Releases Excerpt From New Book


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Add published author to Gillian Anderson's resume. The X-Files actress has just released an excerpt from her new science-fiction book A Vision of Fire. Anderson wrote the book with New York Times bestselling author Jeff Rovin.

Here's the synopsis for the book:

Renowned child psychologist Caitlin O’Hara is a single mom trying to juggle her job, her son, and a lackluster dating life. Her world is suddenly upturned when Maanik, the daughter of India’s ambassador to the United Nations, starts speaking in tongues and having violent visions. Caitlin is sure that her fits have something to do with the recent assassination attempt on her father—a shooting that has escalated nuclear tensions between India and Pakistan to dangerous levels—but when teenagers around the world start having similar outbursts, Caitlin begins to think that there’s a more sinister force at work.

In Haiti, a student claws at her throat, drowning on dry land. In Iran, a boy suddenly and inexplicably sets himself on fire. Animals, too, are acting irrationally, from rats in New York City to birds in South America to ordinary house pets. With Asia on the cusp of nuclear war, Caitlin must race across the globe to uncover the mystical links among these seemingly unrelated incidents in order to save her patient—and perhaps the world.

Anderson wanted to create a protagonist that she could relate to, "I wanted a very strong female character, around my age. I would want to read something like that and I think other women would like to read."

You will have to wait until October to read A Vision of Fire. However, readers can see a sample of the work on the Simon451 Fall 2014 Preview Sampler. The Sampler can be accessed via Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, and the Google Play Store.

Anderson and X-Files co-star David Duchovny recently sparked rumors during a Reddit AMA forum that another X-Files movie was possibly in the works. Duchovny stated, "I think Chris (creator Chris Carter) is working on a script. Chris is shooting a pilot right now, so he might not be working on a script, but he claims to be working on a script, and if he does do that and Fox wants to make it … Gillian will do it, I will do it, so start your writing campaign now. Seriously. We’d all love to do it. The ball is in Fox’s hands. And not Fox Mulder, Fox the studio."

Anderson is currently starring as Blanche DuBois in Young Vic's production of the Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named Desire.

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