Gillian Anderson Dives Back into Sci-Fi, and It's Not X-Files

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Gillian Anderson can't seem to outlive her past. She recently told KTLA that her past characters define her even now.

"I was at a bachelor party last night, and a couple of times I was introduced as 'Remember the girl from The X-Files?' So, yeah, I'm 'the girl from The X-Files.'"

Wait. Gillian Anderson was at some dude's bachelor party?

While she has moved on to do the hugely successful BBC drama The Fall, as well as starring in a hugely successful West End production of A Streetcar Named Desire -- a show which has the distinction of being the fastest sellout in the history of the Old Vic theatre -- she still has one foot in the past somewhat.

In fact, Gillian Anderson's latest film opens today. And it puts her back in familiar territory -- sci-fi.

Called Robot Overlords, the movie is a British family sci-fi film that casts Gillian Anderson as a mother.

“It’s a lovely family movie; compared to my usual roles I’m frumped down and softer and quirkier,” Gillian Anderson revealed. “I feel like she’s closer to who I am, how I am. I have a tendency to be sillier and more frivolous than I generally get to play.”

For X-Files fans, this may be as close a taste as they get to seeing Anderson back in Scully territory until the recently-announced mini-series of X-Files episodes actually comes to fruition. Despite her chagrin at being known as "the girl from The X-Files," both Anderson and Duchovny agreed to join forces again to do the limited run of episodes.

"I don’t know much at all," Duchovny told the New York Post. "We’re gonna do six episodes. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna begin and end with the mythology. But I really don’t know."

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